Agile Scrum Foundations Workshop

For Beginners

The Agile Scrum Foundations Workshop provides the knowledge needed to understand the Agile approach in general and the Scrum Framework in particular. The practical exercises offer hands-on experience of working in a Scrum team.

For Practitioners

Practitioners looking to take their Scrum process to the next level will take away practical next steps and constructive approaches for improvement and acceleration.

Learning about common patterns, traps, and team dysfunctions allows both novice and experienced practitioners to identify, expose and avoid them.


Understand the foundational elements of Scrum and how they come togetherLearn how to begin transforming your team and organization using ScrumStart improving your process iterativelyDeliver more value with less effort


Duration: 2 days (14 h)Participants: 6-12Language: Romanian or English

Open Session

Location: TimisoaraPrice: 350 euro + VAT per personApril 11 and 12 2019, 9:30 - 17:30