How to live longer

Lose the weight, work out, drink lots of water, stress less… we all know the story, but this is not what I want to talk to you about.

The answer is… TRAVEL! Have lots of experiences and time will seem much longer. Plus you’ll work out, you’ll move about a lot while sightseeing. Our trip to Morocco and back took just two and a half months but felt like a whole year. And time didn’t pass the way it did in school when the subject was boring and it seemed the class might never end. On the contrary, the days pass quickly, they’re filled with lots of interesting people, sights, sounds and smells.

We learn a lot, we meet new people and we realise we’re not the center of the universe. There’s a huge world out there that just waits to be discovered.

I can see you nodding now and saying “but Cristian, I can’t just quit my job like you did”. That might be true. How about taking a few hours to explore a part of your city you didn’t visit in a long time? Or take a walk in the park?

Noah Kagan talks about BDE (Best Day Ever) in his podcast. Here’s the idea: he cycles to a bar together with one or more friends. They get a drink and then ask the bartender what they should do or see next. If it seems interesting they go do that and repeat the cycle. It’s a nice way to experience something that’s not planned, interesting and exciting.

What’s your idea of making a day or a few hours more interesting? Leave a comment below and I’ll include it in the article.


  1. I totally agree with you. I love to travel. When I am in a new city, like I am now in Vancouver, I start walking on the streets with no purpose and let my self surprised by the places in which I arrive. Then, I just take out my GPS and he is taking me back home. I love to discover new places without any expectations. I ALWAYS find something inspiring or interesting.

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