A New Life

It’s a rainy March 1st, not a very joyful beginning of spring but it’s a great day to take another step towards a new life. I left the office a few minutes ago and I escaped to a café nearby. The cappuccino is bitter, but having this extra time for myself is sweet.

I’ve been working in the same company for the last 12 years. Over the years projects started and ended, clients changed, colleagues came and went but many things stayed the same.

I’m preparing for massive changes in the next few months. At the end of April I will leave the company that I created together with my associates, sell most of my stuff and begin travelling around the world together with my fiancée. On a motorcycle!

The step I mentioned earlier is going from full time work to part time, giving me extra time to prepare for the trip, think, read and enjoy life. With winter ending, it’s surreal feeling to leave the office while the sun is still up.

I changed a lot since starting out as a starry-eyed freelance web developer all those years ago with dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. People, experiences (both positive and learning-), coaching and therapy helped me become what I am today. I am very grateful for everything I went through.

I learned to hold on and let go, to charge and to fall back. I learned to accept imperfection and to focus more on people. I learned to be more in touch with myself, to feel and to allow myself to be more vulnerable. This made me stronger. I learned to say no and to look for what’s important. Of course I’m not done yet, there’s still more to learn and to discover.

I realised last spring that I can step away from what I was allowing to define me too much and start letting go.

This is the first article of the series about our new adventure, stay tuned for more and subscribe to receive a notification for the next one.

What would be a new life for you? Where would you like it to lead you? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. This is realy great. We(me and Diana) are waiting with great excitement your adventure and we will be following your posts.
    It is very good that you want to blog about this, but i suggest you to think about vlogging too. I find video content a litttle bit more easily to follow and sometimes more comprehensive. I would love to follow your adventures on Youtube, for exemple.
    I am very curios to see the bike model you have chosen for this :D.
    I wish you all the best and I hope you will inspire us for our “vanlife” project.


    1. Thank you for the support and input, might start vlogging too. 🙂 Where can we follow your van-related project?


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